Our Story

What began as quite humble beginnings, my grandfather’s name was Michael. When I was young, he told me a story about how my grandmother once gave him a watch – one that he claimed was the most beautiful and timeless watch that he had ever seen. When he was forced to go to war, he used this watch as a means to teleport him back to his wife whenever he felt scared, worried, or homesick.

In the heat of a firefight, my grandfather and his mates were forced to evacuate their position quickly, and in the midst of a timely escape, my grandfather forgot his watch. Thinking about the beauty of that watch that his beloved wife had given him, he defied his superiors and went back to retrieve his watch.

However, this is the part in the story where the watch becomes something more than just a watch or a gift. As my grandfather went back to retrieve his watch on his own, the remainder of his retreating mates perished in battle. My grandfather Michael said to me, “I was saved by an angel – all while I stared and looked into this beautiful watch.”

Hence, we are Michael Angels.
Mladen & Martina Lakic - Founders

Our Mission

Started as an Instagram account to showcase fashion and watches back in 2014, Michael Angels quickly transformed ourselves into an online watch store looking to provide an outlet for the millions of people interested in designer watches.

At Michael Angels we believe that the beauty in simplicity is often overlooked. However it is the simplicity itself that frees us from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. Each and every day we remain committed to this concept. Through clear, pure and simple design we endeavor to give a piece of freedom back to it’s rightful owner – yourself.

About Us

Located in Vienna, Austria, Michael Angels believes in a high-quality standard. We use only the very best components to craft our unique watches, including State of the Art Movements coupled with the best Materials like Genuine Leather and Sapphire Glass.

In our opinion details matter. With every watch crafted we always strive for perfection. Remember: details are always going to be what sets your watch apart from the others.